Thursday, 6 January 2011

Group session

Just got home from a group session in Birmingham.  Not sure how many guys were there, but I'm guessing about 15.  It was only vanilla, but I think it's worth writing about.  It was my first time here, and apparently there were some new ones and some regulars.

It started off slowly, and in my experience these things always do!  It just takes the first person to get their clothes off and their cock out and it then starts things off.  I wasn't the first to get naked, but the sight of the first naked bloke's rock-hard cock was my incentive!

I began by kneeling on the floor and getting my mouth on a nice, big, thick, uncut cock.  I'm a good cock-sucker and like to show off my skills!  We were quickly joined by some others.  One person was behind me and gave my nipples a good working whilst I was sucking.  For any of you that know - there is a direct connection between my nipples and my cock so I was soon hard too.  Another bloke pushed his cock towards me so I thought it would be rude to not get it in my mouth!  It wasn't as big as the first and was cut.

I took turns on both these cocks until some more people arrived.  I was then left to concentrate on a nice Indian man's dick.  It was quite big and uncut.  I struggled to get it all in my mouth and down my throat, but I managed it when he forced my head down on it.  He kept pumping his cock in my mouth until he came.  I, of course, swallowed every drop!

I then spent some time watching another couple 69 each other and play with each other's arses.  When another bloke walked into the room I new I had to give him a good sucking!  It was by far the biggest and thickest cock at this session.

It started out as a simple blow job with me sat on the bed and him standing.  He has some poppers, so after a few sniffs I was as horny as hell.  I really went at giving him the best blow job I could.  The man was so sexy that I really wanted to taste his cum.  He was obviously getting hornier and hornier, and was getting rougher and rougher at forcing my head onto his cock.  When his hands reached down to my nipples I was in heaven!  I normally have to beg to have my tits worked harder and harder (people seem to think they are going to hurt me too much!  lol).  To cut a long story short - he pushed be back on the bed and made me wank while he really hurt my nipples.  When I came, it shot right over my head!  I didn't get to taste his cum, but maybe net time...

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